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Meet My Parrot – Cleo The Yellow-crowned Amazon

We love meeting your Parrots. This time we’re meeting Debbie Townsend’s Yellow-crowned Amazon Cleo. Read on to meet Cleo. Why did you choose a Yellow-crowned Amazon?I chose a Yellow-crowned Amazon Parrot as they are very pretty, affectionate and great talkers. When I first saw Cleo she was ripping paper at the bottom of a small cage. […]

The Importance of Parrot Insurance

Here’s why you need insurance for your Parrot. By Tamara Labelle, Exotic Direct. At Exotic Direct we’re offering a 10% discount on your Parrot insurance through Northern Parrots. Just click this link.  Or call 0345 982 5505 quoting the Northern Parrots 10% discount. Discount:  There are around 1.3 million indoor birds in the UK and they are the […]

A Review of the National Theft Register and Its Objectives For The Future

Did you know that it is Pet Theft Awareness Day on the 14th February? Pet Theft Awareness  The day was started in 1988 by an organisation called Last Chance for Animals, to tell people how to keep their animals safe from thieves. Millions of animals are stolen around the world every year, and although there are many happy endings with […]

Fracture Repair in Parrots

Find out more about fracture repair in Parrots. Fractures as a result of accidental trauma, with or without underlying nutritional deficiencies, are a relatively common presentation to avian practice. Thankfully with the development of modern anaesthesia and surgical equipment/techniques, we are now very well equipped to deal with such fractures as they arise.  Cases In […]