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About Tidymix

Find out more about Tidymix food. 

Tidymix only use human grade ingredients in their high quality food to ensure it is the highest quality possible and has the largest amount of nutritional value. They are 99% edible, which reduces waste and mess and taste better than a lot of other seed mixes.

Consequently, their ingredients are sourced from the main importers to the health trade that are the highest grade available and improve your Parrot’s general wellbeing.

Tidymix logo

Tidymix Seed

The Tidymix Parrot Diet has 32 delicious human grade ingredients and the highest quality safflower. All are easily accepted by birds and as they’re 99% edible, reduce waste and feeding costs. It has the additional advantage of kelp powder with high mineral levels and no more than 10% sunflower seed. It’s available in a 3kg or 12,5kg bag. 


The Tidymix Parakeet Diet has human grade food and is 99% edible too. The difference is it’s made up of a blend of 21 ingredients, 5% sunflower and 8% dried fruits.

Some Tidymix are designed specifically for one species of Parrot, like this Budgie mix, whilst others cater for more species of Parrot.

Tidymix Budgie Diet is 99% edible, with 15% millet and no less than 5% dried fruit. Most of the fruit has been shelled to cut down on waste and all the ingredients are high in nutrients, especially the kelp powder which is rich in minerals. 

The range of ingredients improves your Parrot’s energy levels and feather condition.

Tidymix Food Mixes

The Tidymix Mixed Fruit Parrot Treat has a mix of fruits prepared in small pieces. These are apricot, vine fruits, dates, banana, papaya and pineapple.

Tidymix Pulse and Rice Soaking Mix is easy to prepare and a delicious source of protein to your Parrot. It has 13 ingredients in total, including brown rice, wheat grain and 11 different pulses.

The Tidymix Chunky Vegetable Crunch combines beetroot slices, carrot slices, pumpkin seeds and soya mince that between them are a good source of fibre that aids digestion, supports the immune system and helps keep the heart healthycan be served dry or you can soak it for a few minutes to soften it up. 

Tidymix Fruit and Vegetables

The Tidymix Banana Chips have been sliced, dried and thinly coated with honey to make them a superb source of Vitamin B6 that helps your Parrot use and store proteins and carbohydrates.

Tidymix Dried Chillies are high in Vitamin A that help grow and repair tissues and are important in sight and hearing.

Tidymix Sesame Sticks are packed with carbohydrates that are a long lasting source of energy and also has phosphorus, fibre and protein that keep your Parrot feeling fit and healthy.

Dried Chillies 

Tidymix Nuts

Tidymix Mixed Nut Parrot Treat is high in unsaturated fats which are the good fats. It boasts almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and peanuts. As they are already shelled your Parrot doesn’t have to worry about breaking them open, they can just enjoy their delicious taste.

Tidymix: Healthy and wholesome Parrot food and treats. 

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