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About Savic

Find out more about the Savic brand. 

Although Savic was initially a jewellery tools maker when they were founded in the 1950’s, they quickly diversified and began designing and making plastic pet accessories.

They bought out another company in 1999, which meant they could continue to manufacture cage accessories for many different companion animals, including Parrots.

Savic’s products are exported around the world and famous for their high quality specifications, large choice, impressive styles and innovative designs.


Parrot and Bird Baths

Keep your Parrot lovely and clean by bathing them in this Extra Large Bird Bath. A wooden perch fitted at the entrance of the bath makes it easy for your Parrot to grip when moving in and out the bath. . 

The hooded style of the bath prevents water from leaking everywhere and then once your Parrot has had their wash, the bath is easy to wipe down and clean.

The slightly smaller Savic Bird Bath has the same hooded style that reduces water leakage yet still ensures your Parrot gets enough water to clean themselves properly. . 

Bathing Parrots

Savic: Making bathtimes much more exciting for Parrots. 

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