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About Nature’s First

Learn more about the Nature’s First brand. 


The Natures First range was developed by the UK company Happy Pet. They begun in the 1930’s as a toy and rubber ball manufacturer. Since then they have produced thousands of products for thousands of customers.

This Natures First collection is made from natural materials such as coconut, wood and cuttlefish bone, that are environmentally friendly.

Nature's First

Toys and treats offer lots of important vitamins and minerals as well as foraging, chewing and preening opportunities to keep your Parrot looking and feeling fantastic.


The Natural Cluster Chewable Toy is made from lots of natural chewable materials such as coconut shell, bamboo and loofah. Your Parrot can tear at this toy with their feet or beak. 

The Pine Cone Surprise Toy has a wood chamber where you can hide lots of treats for your Parrot to forage for. 

Pine Cone from Nature's First

Nature’s First: All natural toys for your Parrot to enjoy. 

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