Aviator Accessories | Safe Harnesses So Parrots Can Fly
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Aviator Harnesses

Aviator Harnesses are the safe fun way to exercise your Parrot

These strong yet lightweight Parrot harnesses allow your Parrot to master the art of flying safely, without the risk of them escaping.

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Learning to fly is one of the most important skills your Parrot can learn, and they’re never too old to start spreading their wings.

Aviator Accessories come in sizes ranging from mini to extra large, so every species of Parrot can enjoy the pleasure of flying. Once your Parrot starts flying they’ll become more active, healthier, have increased self confidence and boost their intelligence.

Every harness comes with a link to instructions telling you how to use the harness effectively.

An alternative to an Aviator Harness is a flight line. The cording allows your Parrot to fly unrestricted as far as 62x32 feet.

You can also purchase leash extensions.

You and your feathered friend will have lots of fun learning this new skill, so see why so many people have taught their Parrot to fly with Aviator Accessories right here.

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