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Having the correct perches for your Parrot can make a big difference to the overall health of their feet, as Parrots spend virtually all of their time stood on them!


In the wild Parrots move along, climb and clamber around on natural wood branches whose bark helps to trim nails and beaks. The natural variation in branch diameter also helps to keep their feet well exercised. To help replicate these essential attributes, it is important to offer your bird a range of perches with varying diameters at different levels within their cage or on their play stand.


Why not try specially designed hard wearing, sand coated perches which imitate the rough bark texture of natural branches, helping to keep their beak and nails trim?


Many Parrots love to chew, and there is a range of Parrot Perches designed to help satisfy this need, whilst at the same time giving access to essential vitamins and minerals; providing a complete bird health workout!


So no matter what your Parrot's needs are, you`ll find the perfect perching solution right here.


Click to watch our video on Parrot Perches.