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A vast collection of accessories for inside and outside the cage, for you and your Parrot.


There are plenty of perches to pick from, made from rough materials so nails stay short.


If your Parrot is scared or nervous, there can’t be anything worse than having nowhere to retreat to. Thankfully, that’ll never happen when you buy a Northern Parrots hideaway or snuggle hut. They are a warm, safe place for your Parrot to stay until they’re ready to come out again. Made from soft materials and suitable for big and small species of Parrot, these Parrots hideaways could prove to be an essential accessory for your Parrot’s cage.


There are also misters, feeding dishes and clickers


We haven’t forgotten about Parrot owners either. There are mugs so you can relax with a hot beverage whilst your Parrot plays happily with their new accessories.


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