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Published on Friday, 30th September 2016
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was founded in 1988 and initially only imported bird food. They soon however started creating their own bird food and in 1994 progressed even further by producing their own range of Parrot toys under the name Fun-Max.

All the toys are designed and built in Canada, on just the one site so that each toy is of the highest quality. Zoo-Max cut all the toy pieces themselves too to ensure they meet their high standards of safety.

Northern Parrots are a UK importer of Zoo-Max toys, ensuring a consistent supply.


There are two sizes of Shower and Window Perch, Small and Medium.  They are ideal if your Parrot wants a safe place to enjoy all their favourite places and not the areas you don’t want them to be in.

There are suction cups which fasten the perch onto the place of your choosing, such as smooth places like walls, windows and mirrors. Buy multiple perches so you can fit lots of perches around your home.

Activity and Trick Toys

Activity and trick toys are a fabulous way of keeping your Parrot’s mind active, no matter what their age.

The Teacher Training Toy is the fun way to teach your Parrot colours and numbers. Parrots need to put the right colour and right number of rings onto the stack. Spending time together like this improves the bond between you and your Parrot. After a while your Parrot should be able to identify different colours and know how to count.

The Puzzle Board helps your bird learn the different shapes and colours too. 

Foot Toys

The Six Rings A Treat Foot Toy is a tantalising combination of food and toy. The six hollowed rings have been filled with seed, and then once your bird has finished eating the seed, they can chew on their new toy.
Reusable Foraging Toys

The Crazy Leather Box is available in three sizes, small, medium and extra small. They are prefilled with tan leather pieces for your bird to locate. 

Swing and Climbing Toys

The Arched Parrot Perch Play Swing, available in a giant size, has two bright wooden slats attached to paper rope, which both hang from metal chain.

The slats are chewable and the rope can also be chewed, shredded and preened. There’s room to add even more materials to the rope if required too.

The arms of the Satellite Toy are fun to climb about and swing on too. 

The Climbing Cube, available as a single, is a perch and a climbing frame, perfect for giving your bird lots of exercise. 

The Block Ring is multi-textured and has rope, wood and leather to chew on. 

The Rainbow Blocks Ladder is available in large or jumbo size. Your bird gets exercise moving up and down the ladder. 

Wood and Rope Toys

The Cocotte Medium has a myriad of brightly coloured wooden slats which have been stacked and then suspended on a metal chain. Your Parrot can manipulate the pieces to create different shapes or chew on them to keep their beaks healthy and trim.

The Temple Towers Parrot Toy is several layers of wooden blocks and slices stacked together. These layers, all completely chewable, are knotted onto paper rope, another beak teasingly good material for your Parrot to explore. There is lots of space inside the towers to add your Parrot’s cherished things to it, like treats and small pieces of material.

The Giant Metropolis Tower Chewable Wood Parrot Toy is a huge toy made for big Parrots and so that your bird can grip the toy properly chunky plastic chain has been attached to it.

The three huge groovy block pieces keep your Parrot’s beak occupied for hours whilst their grooves give space for you to push food and treats inside for your Parrot to find and retrieve.

The smallest blocks have been tied on using colourful paper rope that’s fun for birds to untie, unravel and chew.

There is also a smaller version of this toy, although it is still only suitable for Large Macaws, Small Macaws and Cockatoos.

The Medium Sized Spiddy Chew Toy has oodles of leather strips which have been threaded and knotted onto an acrylic shape and all have knots on the end which your Parrot can chew and untie.

The knotted leather attaches to colourful wooden blocks and soft cotton rope has also been added to give your bird plenty of textures to explore.

As your bird climbs and swings on this toy it rattles and tilts making it even more entertaining.

Zoo-Max have improved the Spiddy Toy even further and created the Itsy Bitsy Toy, available in three sizes, jumbomedium and large

Don't miss out on the different sizes of Plaited Preener either. Ready to order in extra small, small, medium or extra large, they're packed with so much material for your bird to have hours of fun picking at, unravelling, chewing, preening and more. 

The Trenza has knotted and preening rope, with hundreds of strands of rope to discover. 

The Tango Dancer has many small wood and paper pieces your bird can occupy their time pulling apart. 

If your bird would rather chew on leather instead, the Balancing Act is perfect. 

The Radar Wood and Leather Toy, available in a large size or medium size, is calling out for your feathered friend to come and play with it, with its bright colours, masses of wooden slats and leather. 

The Hector has lots of wood and rope for your Parrot.

The Fun Stars Stacker has lots of wood stars to chew on and acrylic shapes to explore. 

The Accordion has over 20 pieces of wood to chew on. 

The Mighty Zim is one for the big chewers, as the wood pieces on this are huge. 

The Pianoissimo Toy has masses of wood and sisal rope for your bird to explore. 

The Toopet is available in two fun sizes, small and large. No matter what size you choose, you'll find lots of preenable rope, wood and more, to keep your bird looking beautiful. 

For an even more preenable toy, choose the Fuzzy Parrot Preening Toy. 

Chewable Foraging Toys

The Almond Bread Chewable Foraging Toy for Parrots has lots of scrumptious almonds hidden inside for your Parrot to find. In between the bread shaped pieces is a layer of honeycomb cardboard pieces and almonds. Can your intelligent Parrot work out how to get to them?

The whole toy has been tied together with colourful cotton rope, that’s useful for chewing, preening and swinging from. The large, brightly coloured wooden slats make this toy even more interesting for your Parrot.

The Triple Almond Bread Chewable Foraging Toy has three of the lovely Almond Bread pieces for triple the fun. Push in three different treats into the gaps or just one of your bird’s treats that they’ll work for the most.

A Foraging Cube Hanging Parrot Toy is packed full of colourful crinkle paper that is only accessed by a small gap in the box. Birds love the delightful noise paper makes as it is ripped apart and shredded.

The top and bottom of the Foraging Cube can both be turned and moved so more rewards can be added to them, but your Parrot doesn’t know that. The Cube has corrugated edges too, so possibly space for more goodies! The whole toy hangs on a cotton rope that’s good for chewing and preening. There are two sizes of Foraging Cube to buy, small and medium 

The Groovy Dancer Parrot Toy has grooves along the side where you can add treats or materials for your bird to play with. It encourages your Parrot’s natural foraging behaviour. There are lots of colourful wooden blocks for your Parrot to chew on too. Each of these blocks located on the arms and legs of the toy move on the paper rope that is running through the middle of the toy and this twisting motion makes getting to their prize more difficult for your bird than they first imagine.

The Shrubby, in a medium or large size, has masses of textures for your bird to enjoy discovering, wood, leather, sisal, cotton and metal. 

There are three size of Crinkle Paper Foraging Box, small, medium and large. All four sides of the Tower have a slot to allow your bird access to the crinkle paper hidden inside. The lid and base of each Tower can also be manipulated to allow you to add more rewards for your Parrot to find inside.

Corrugated areas can be found around the edges and there are hundreds of strand of cotton rope which your bird can use for chewing and preening.

The Groovy Teacher Parrot Toy lets you teach your Parrot how to count and identify different colours. The abacus style toy can be spun around, stacked or played with.

Once they have completed their lesson they have a prize waiting for them, squeezed inside one of the grooves cut into the wooden blocks. These blocks are held in place using thick rope which your bird can chew and shred on, but to make gripping them more challenging the blocks move about. Available in a small size. 

Cardboard and Paper Toys

There are two sizes of Stacks of Shredding Toy, medium and large. The layer upon layer of chewable wooden pieces are well designed for chewing or shredding or both. Holes inside the corrugated cardboard pieces let you wedge in your Parrot’s favourite treats.

However, the whole toy spins and jiggles about when your bird tries to grab a hold of it, making it a challenging toy to master and thus giving your Parrot a physical and mental work out. Plus, all the different levels encourage your bird to climb.

The Shredding Spiral works in a similar way. As your bird tries to chew and grab the wood pieces, they move about, adding to the fun challenge. 

The Foraging Fun Box is packed full of materials for your bird to find.
For further shredding fun introduce your Parrot to the Shredding Tower. The large tower has been created especially for Parrots that are really into shredding, with thick corrugated cardboard and chunky wooden blocks. It keeps your Parrot occupied for a long time, chewing and shredding.There is a Large Honeycomb size.

Choose from one of two sizes of Shredding Coronet, medium and large. It’s brightly coloured and packed with interesting shapes to capture your bird’s imagination.

All the wood, rope and cardboard that make up this toy are soft and very chewable. Hide treats inside the corrugated slats for your bird to forge for. Then your bird has to climb all over the toy to reach the different sections.

The La Tenda Toy is adored by Parrots that love shredding since it’s made from over 200 cardboard strips all tied together with rope. Hidden inside each cardboard strip are boxes and pine wood, both shreddable, creating a shredding tower. Hide treats in the boxes for your Parrot to find. 

The Jester Shreddable Toy is packed with that fun cardboard too, as are the Palm Tree and Sombrero

There are thick wooden blocks which are attached onto paper rope that in turn has been threaded onto the main plait of the toy. Cotton rope is used to go round the bottom of the toy and is additional material for your bird to chew on but there’s always space to add more.

Wood and rope blocks make it easier for your bird to grip and climb the toy as they move up each level.

Use Cardboard Strips to restock these toys. 

Encourage your bird to go go foraging in the small or large Foraging Pouch. 

Toy-Making Parts

, medium and large are the different sizes of the Cardboard Slice Refills, so you can alter the different parts accordingly.

There are between 20-50 slices in each pack, depending on the size of each piece. But every slice has a pre-cut hold in their middle so you can easily attach them to your bird’s toys.  

As well as being used to refurbish existing toys the pieces can be used as toy-making part or to refill other Zoo Max shredding toys.

There are three different lengths of Paper Rope and are packaged as small, medium and large. It’s tightly twisted and is extremely amusing for your Parrot to preen, chew and shred. It’s flexible and stronger than a lot of cotton and leather ropes.

Use the rope as a toy-making part, update your bird’s current toys or just fasten it to your Parrot’s cage so your feathered friend can chew and untie it at their leisure.

Choose either the small or large Leather Strips. They are a useful size for improving any existing toys your Parrot has, because they quickly fasten onto wooden or plastic toys to create a fresh new toy for your bird to play with. Alternatively, they can be used to build a brand new toy altogether.

Any toy-making part is good for building the relationship between you and your Parrot. Parrots enjoy helping rejuvenate their toys or building an exciting new one. Repairing existing toys gives them a new lease of life.

The Pack of 10 Leather Squares or 6 Leather Squares quickly link onto old toys and are superb for building new ones. There are Assorted Leather Pieces too, which are easy to fill up toys with. 

Cotton Rope
has multiple uses for you and your Parrot. These are refilling preening toys, repairing existing toys by adding extra parts to them, and building an original new toy.

or Large Groovy Blocks are brilliant at making one of your Parrot’s drab old toys look more appealing and therefore encourage your bird to start playing with them again.

Each block has a hole in the middle to allow them to be secured onto other pieces and each groove has space to push food, treats or material into them. 

The Colourful Sisal Rope, ready to order in a pack of 6, is a myriad of colours so that your bird is kept captivated by this toy. The colours are made using a non-toxic dye and again this rope is a good toy-making part or to give current ones a wonderful new look.

You can also use Coloured Wooden Disks for constructing new toys, changing toys your Parrot already owns or to teach your Parrot colours and numbers.

There are 30 in each packet, with 5 of 6 different colours of either red, blue, purple, green, orange or yellow. Teach your Parrot all these colours and the numbers. Each disk has a hole drilled through their centre so that they fasten quickly onto other toys.

If you really can’t decide which toy-making part to buy, then the Do It Yourself Toy-Making Kit in a Medium size has the biggest selection of assorted toy-making materials. It boasts cotton rope, sisal rope, paper rope, hard wood dowels, soft wood, leather pieces, acrylic parts and hardware.

Other toy making parts are Wood Daisies, Wood Hearts, Groovy Blocks, Corrugated Cardboard, Acrylic Shapes and Dowel Wood Pegs.

Wood Slats come in a, medium size and are fun to thread onto other toys or build a brand new one. They are ready to buy coloured or natural.

2017 Toys

Bird toy specialists Zoo-Max released more exciting toys for Parrots in August 2017.

Get the party started for your Parrot with the Calypso Party Stack, packed with lots of natural materials.

The Chirpy Toy comes in a medium or large size, and your Parrot is sure to be chirpy after playing with it, with all its great materials to entertain them.

Chop, chop, get your Parrot playing on the Chop Choppy Toy, with lots of beak-pleasing fun.

There is lots to chew and play on the Chita Chew Natural Toy.

The Spiddy has expanded too into a new larger size, and the Wooden Blocks Arch Swing is now available in a small size.

Another new styles of swing your Parrot can enjoy is the Pony Beads Arch Swing.

Preening themselves is one of a Parrot’s favourite activities and there are new toys to help them do just that, keeping them looking beautiful. The Cotton Preening Ring is available in a large or medium size.

Build your own fun toy for your Parrot or revamp existing ones with the new toy-making parts. There is a new 20 Pack of Wood Daisies, small, medium and large Wood Slices, and Natural Sisal Ropes

Spend time teaching your Parrot a new skill instead, with the Memory Twin Shapes.

Groovy blocks are a lot of fun to hide treats in. There is an amazing new selection of groovy toys to let Parrots indulge in this foraging behaviour. Try the Groovy Baby

Loofah is another toy that Parrots enjoy tearing up and shredding to pieces. And there is plenty of it on the Funky Lou and Lotus Flower Toys.

Smaller Parrots like Budgies definitely don’t miss out with this new collection, as there are a collection of toys designed especially for the smaller feathered friend, like the XSmall Dodo Play Box and Mini Leather Brochette.

For bigger birds, there is the Picatchou Wood and Rope Toy, Pharaon Tower, Tournicotti and Mambo Stack

The Bank Puzzle Toy is available in a large size and the perfect toy for Parrots that love to learn.

The Dou Dou Chew Stack has leather, paper rope and soft wood to chew on and unravel.

Coloured Wood Slices and Coloured Wood Blocks are perfect for revamping current toys or building an exciting new one.

The Corner Platform Perch is either angled or square and in a large or small size. It gives your Parrot a different space to play on in their cage.

The Jute Climbing Net and Marble Rainbow Ring gives your Parrot exercise as they move around on it. 

2018 Toys
The Pharaon Towers, Cactus Tower and Totoro Towers are full of colourful wood to chew and move around. 

The Spool Time is packed full of wood for your Parrot.

Mr Frog has lots of fun textures for your bird to explore.

Sisal Rope, Coloured Wood HoopsWood Blocks, Natural Blocks and Wood Beads are perfect for giving your bird a fresh new toy for your Parrot to play with.

The Extra Small Dynamite has masses of textures for your Parrot. 

Zoo - Max: A large choice of high quality, safe toys for your Parrot to play with for maximum fun. 

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