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Published on Friday, 24th March 2017
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Woven Wonders Toys are all handmade from natural materials such as corn leaf and oyster shell, and no artificial materials like glue or plastic.

These strong toys are fun for your Parrot to chew, forage, shred and preen with, helping to keep their beak, mind and nails stimulated and in good condition.

There is a Woven Wonders Toy for practically every species of Parrot.

Swing and Climbing Toys

The Climbing Net Parrot Toy lets you turn your Parrot’s toy into a climbing net. It can be attached horizontally or vertically for your bird to climb on, plus there’s knots to untie and bamboo to chew. 
Wood and Rope Toys

The Foraging Pineapple is available in a small and jumbo size. The pineapple shaped toy has crunchy palm leaf hiding lots of fun to chew textures like abaca, that your bird has to work out how to remove. 

The Foraging Chopsticks Toy is also fun to forage in, as the two interconnecting sections are filled with natural goodies for your Parrot to try and retrieve.
Coconut and Cactus Toys

The Colourful Coconut Forager is stuffed with fibres to forage for too, although more can easily be added. It’s fun for your Parrot to remove, chew and preen with them.
Willow and Palm Toys

The Shredding Tyre Toy is available in a small or medium size. Both have plenty for your Parrot to shred, preen, chew on and unravel. 

The Palm Caterpillar Toy is available in a small size. It’s made with palm leaves and natural fibres that birds adore tearing, unravelling and chewing to pieces.

Both size of Shredding Tyres have a woven star hiding in the centre and knotted palm leaf strands hanging from the bottom, for your bird to explore.

The Coloured Pinata consists of three different sizes, small, medium and large. With a crunchy palm leaf outer layer and an inside layer of natural fibres, there is double the chewing pleasure for your Parrot. 

The Bell Preener Toy features lots of tempting palm leaf also, keeping your occupied for a long time.

Zigzag Rainbow Shredder Roll is available. No matter what your size of bird, they love shredding it to pieces. All you need to do is cut a small piece off or weave it onto the cage bars and let the fun unravel.

The Foraging Basket comes prefilled with lots of tasty goodies for your Parrot to retrieve using their natural foraging skills. They adore the sound the crunchy material makes as they break it into smaller pieces as well.

The Sticks and Stones Toy has lots of material to shred too.

Woven Wonders: Fun and biodegradable chewing, foraging, shredding and preening toys for Parrots. 
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