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About Parrot Tower

Published on Friday, 16th June 2017
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If you own a Parrot Tower, you’ll be pleased to know there are extra and spare parts for it. Instantly update your Tower, getting your Parrot intrigued and active once again, by adding fresh new parts to the Tower.

Your Parrot can climb all over the Tower, chew on it and forage within it, making it a very versatile toy. Moving the different section around is a fun way of sparking your Parrot’s interest with the Tower once again too. All the parts are easy to install. Most of the parts are suitable for small, medium and large Parrots.

Parrot Tower Perches

Many of the Parrot Tower perches have been created for specific species of Parrot.

Ortho perches are either single or double sized. The Single Acrylic Macaw Perch (42cm) is suitable for Cockatoos and Large Macaws. The white or green colour instantly adds another level to your Parrot’s perch. 

The smaller Single Ortho Perch (30cm) is another additional acrylic perch for Amazons, Eclectus Parrots and other similar sized birds. This comes in green or white.

The Double Amazon Ortho Perch (57cm) fits on the top of many Parrot Towers. Again it’s either green or white.

A Natural Manzanita Perch for Cockatiels and other similar sized birds (26cm) will attach seamlessly to most Parrot Tower models. It has no fittings so you’ll need to buy perch holders and other accessories separately. 

A Sanded Parrot Tower Perch (20cm) helps keep your bird’s beak and nails healthy and trim. The perch holder is sold separately.

Parrot Tower Hardwood Perches for Cockatiels, Lovebirds, Small Conures and Senegals is a natural wood perch with two screws only. Fittings, like perch holders and metal inserts, are sold separately. The length and diameter of these varies depending on how the natural wood is cut.

The slightly longer Hardwood Perch for Amazons, African Greys and other similar sized birds isn’t packaged with fittings either; it only has two screws.

The Hardwood Perch for Large Macaws has two screws and no fittings.

The lengths and diameters of these hardwood perches vary.

Parrot Tower Perch Holders

Keep perches in place with a Parrot Tower perch holder. There are Column Spacers with screws that attach onto most sandy perches and Manzanita perches. There are green and white holders available.

The Perch Holder for hardwood perches is only available in white.

Parrot Tower Spacers

Column Spacers
help give you different layouts in the Tower. It fits in the space between perches, so the Tower stays new and interesting for your bird. Spacers are white or green.

Parrot Tower Caps

There is a Top Cap for hardwood perches. This acrylic cap sits where a hex bolt would usually rest. The cap attaches to the hardwood top perches using perch screws.  
Parrot Tower Legs

The Parrot Tower Leg comes in either a white or blue colour. This particular leg is suitable for Parrot Tower Juniors only. 
Parrot Tower Wheels

The Wheel Holder comes in a choice of white or green, so it can match a Parrot Tower’s wheels. It slots neatly into Parrot Tower legs and is suitable for all Parrot Tower models.

Parrot Tower: All the accessories you need to build up the fun of a Parrot Tower. 

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