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About Lincolnshire Wildlife Park

Published on Monday, 25th May 2020
Filed under Parrot Attractions
Here is everything you need to know about Lincolnshire Wildlife Park
Where is the attraction?
As the name suggests, Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is located in rural Lincolnshire, easily accessed by car or public transport from Boston or Skegness.
Which Parrot species do they have?
Lincolnshire Wildlife Park has the UK’s biggest collection of tigers and Parrots. The National Parrot Sanctuary is based there. Species include Blue and Gold Macaws, Military Macaws and Sun Conures.
Parakeets fly free around the park too.
Mammal species include lemurs and tapirs and reptile species include bearded dragons and chameleons. 

How did they start?
Lincolnshire Wildlife Park was founded in the early 1990’s by Steve Nichols. However it wasn’t until 1993 that the Park and its acreage we know today opened its doors.
What events do they have?
You can buy treats to feed the Parrots and other food stuff for other species.
How can I help?
There are opportunities to volunteer at the park. You can donate via their website regularly or as a one off to support them throughout the year.
Any other information I need to know?
Lincolnshire Wildlife Park is open throughout the year. Tickets cost a maximum of £11.95.
Go to their website here for further information.

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