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About Heaven Fresh

Published on Friday, 10th March 2017
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Heaven Fresh was created in 2003 by two entrepreneurs that wanted to improve the quality of the air around them.

They started off using the latest technology to create the cleanest air possible for Parrots and their owners and continue to do so.

Their products contain titanium oxide filters, active carbon filters, negative ions and HEPA filters that work together in a seven stage process to remove a wide array of pollutants from the air. Ozone is safe to be used around your Parrot and is very good at removing odours from the air. The ionization process continuously happening in Heaven Fresh products that produce the ozone is one way they clean the air around them.

Heaven Fresh air purifiers also get rid and reduce the amount of dander in the air. Dander is produced by many Parrots and it can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Heaven Fresh UV lamps have all been recommended by the US Centre of Disease Control and HEPA filters by the United States Department of Homeland Security.

Heaven Fresh Air Purifiers

The Heaven Fresh Air Purifier quickly and effectively removes feather dander, odour and other pollutants from the air so that it smells and feels fresh and clean.

The sensors in the purifier will detect when the air quality is low by checking for dust, allergens and other odours regularly. When it detects them, the purifiers display exactly how much pollution is present. As part of the purifiers there are oxidation filters, dust collection grids, UV lamps, washable pre-filters, HEPA filters, carbon filters and ionizers. The fan works to an area of 60 square metres (650 square feet)

You can buy replacement HEPA filters and UV lamps for the Heaven Fresh 290. 
Heaven Fresh: Purifying the air between Parrot and owner. 

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