ZooMed | Avian Sun UV bird light, bulb and floor stands
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Bird lights and accessories from ZooMed.

Your Parrot is guaranteed to receive all the UVA and UVB they need when housed indoors with an advanced lighting option from ZooMed. Your Parrots require UVA and UVB light for many metabolic processes in their body and so they can experience the world in the full spectrum of colours nature intended.

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ZooMed is more famous for its work over the last 30 years in developing products for the reptile market. One of their greatest accomplishments is the invention of UVB lighting for reptiles, which has become the standard model the world over for zoos, veterinarians and hobbyists.

Since then their range has developed on a broader scale and now includes products for amphibians, fish, pet birds and Parrots. As an extension to their ground breaking UVB reptile light came Avian Sun, an unique product which provides pet birds and Parrots with the correct levels of UVA and UVB via a compact bulb for use indoors.

The Avian Sun compact bulb can be used in a standard screw fitting bulb socket or fitted to an Avian Sun Lamp stand with built in reflector to maximize its output.

UVB allows birds to synthesise Vitamin D3 in their skin, or through a process involving the preening gland. Vitamin D3 is essential for proper calcium metabolism, normal growth, maintenance of strong bones and egg production.

Without UVA, birds are deprived of the full colour spectrum they see in nature and are colour blind. Unlock their world and let your bird see it in full colour right now!

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