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Wood & Rope Parrot Toys

Huge choice of wood and rope pet bird and Parrot toy designs all waiting for your bird to sink their beak in to them. Choose from soft wood toys for smaller parakeets to large durable wooden blocks for those serious chewers.

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Wood and rope toys for pet birds and Parrots have been providing chewing fun for years, and are as popular as ever. We’ve got a huge selection of safe and interesting toys to appeal to your Parrot; they provide your bird with a safe outlet to fulfil their natural urge to chew.

Many Parrot species are known to hollow out tree trunks, or strip bark from branches to create nesting sites. Providing materials which you know are safe and free from potential toxins is highly important. In the average household there are many objects made from wood, most of which are not safe or desirable for Parrots to chew!

Any activity toy that allows your bird to chew is a great way for you to help your Parrot keep their beak in good health and your furniture safe (well safer!)

The use of cotton or sisal rope provides material for your bird to pick and preen, which can be especially useful if you have a bird that over preens, it can help to reduce the chances of feather plucking occurring.

With fantastic designs and varying sizes to choose from your Parrot can enjoy a good old chomping time!

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