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Vitamin and mineral supplements from the avian professionals at Vetark

Vitamins and minerals for your Parrot to take daily or as and when they are needed. The multi vitamins and supplements will make a great addition to any species of Parrot’s diet as part of a healthy eating plan. The vitamins and supplements are easily dissolved in water or food, so your Parrot won't even notice they're there.

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Vetark are the among the UK’s leading specialists in exotic pet nutrition. Their vitamin and mineral supplements such as Nutrobal, Avimix and ACE-High have led the way in pet birds for over 20 years.

Avipro Plus is a widely used Probiotic and safe to use across for many different species, including birds and Parrots.

Vetark have a very strong veterinary connection. Their products are all well researched and the claims made can be verified. They have a superb range of cleanser disinfectants, including Ark Klens in concentrate and Ready to Use form. These can be used with any species, and Ark Klens is also useful for keeping wild bird tables clean.

Products are produced in their newly completed GMP suite. It is here that they make their own liquid medicinal grade Zolcal D calcium and D3 supplement, which is one of their most popular products for pet birds and Parrots.

Vetarks products are widely used by pet bird keepers, breeders and avian veterinarians. Many zoos across the world also rely on Vetark products to help provide a balanced diet for their breeding birds, many of which are seriously endangered.

Browse many of the Vetark products right here.

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