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Space Circles Foraging Parrot Toy Creative Foraging Space Circles Foraging Parrot Toy

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Space Circles Foraging Parrot Toy

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Tough and ready entry level foraging toy for Parrots by Creative Foraging.

Last updated on 12th December 2017
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The Space Circles Foraging Parrot Toy is designed to stand up to even the toughest beaks. Made from clear polycarbonate your Parrot can easily see the rewards you have placed inside, sparking their natural instinct to explore.

As the toy swings and spins on the chain your Parrot has to work out how to pull or tip one end, making the rewards fall down towards the hole.

Inside are two movable platforms, these can be altered (by opening the toy) to increase or decrease the level of difficulty that the rewards fall towards the hole.

If your bird lets go of the end with the hole, the toy will return to its original position, and the rewards will also fall back. Simple yet effective way of providing mental stimulation your Parrot can enjoy for hours!

Top Rated Foraging Toys for Parrots - Reusable

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3 / 5
Not the best
14th August 2013
Rank : Top 250 Reviewer
Owner type: Pet Parrot Owner
I thought this would of been challenging for my African Grey but he's not interested. It's not as good as the write up makes it seem. Once the toy is tilted the treats come to the front and they should move to the back when the parrot stops titling it but they don't, he knocks it about a bit but that's about it. I would say spend your money on something better.
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5 / 5
Excellent foraging toy.
15th January 2013
Rank : Top 100 Reviewer
Owner type: Pet Parrot Owner
I have a Green cheek conure that solves foraging toys within 1 hour, usually less but this one took him about a day to figure out how to get the treats out. Even after a bit of practice, he knows how to do it but it is still a big challenge for him being a small bird so it keeps him occupied for hours.The toy itself is transparent and comes apart by taking the screws out to clean or to adjust the difficulty level. Inside is two plastic slides which can be moved into different positions or removed completely to vary the challenge.For a smaller bird I think it is important to use round treats which will roll around easily (nutriberry, grape etc) but bigger birds may be able to have a bigger variety of treats put in as they will have the body weight/strength to get a bigger tilt on the toy to move the food round.The quality of the toy is good, it can certainly withstand the bashing about my conure has been giving it and I am expecting it to last a long time. It also looks like it would withstand some chewing by a larger bird too.The only niggle with the toy is the little balls inside when you open the toy up, if your not careful then they come flying out and being small are easy to lose. You need to keep the toy very flat when seperating the two halves, its easiest to put it flat on the table to avoid them coming and and rolling off.
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