Riviera Cages | for pet birds and small Parrots
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Riviera Bird Cages

Riviera Cages have been specially made for small Parrots, Canaries and Budgies.

Here’s a selection of birdie homes and handy travel cages from the Riviera cage range, perfect for smaller Parrot species such as Cockatiels, Lovebirds and Small Conures. They are manufactured by Liberta, who are specialists in building cages for small pets.

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Riviera Cages are part of the Liberta family. They distribute cages and accessories on a global scale. The company was formed in 2006 and from these small beginnings have grown into an international company supplying high quality cages for the smaller Parrot species. These gorgeous cages will fit beautifully with any existing decor you have in your home.

The cages are designed to be spacious, easily fitting everything your pet bird needs, and leaving plenty of room for them to move about and play. There’s well thought out features, such as the handle for hanging or carrying your bird’s cage, the easy to fill feeders and pull-out tray for easy cleaning.

Choose between the stylish designs, for the perfect cage to compliment both your home and your bird. The natural tones ensure your birds’ home won’t look out of place and helps to show off their amazing colours.

Using the handle provided you can choose to hang your bird’s cage up or use one of the Riviera Recco Stands. The stand is only suitable with certain Riviera cages, so please do check first.

The handy travel cages are great for transporting your bird on short trips, like to the vets.

See for yourself why Riviera cages are the best choice for pet birds and smaller Parrots.

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