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Poop-Off Cleaning Solutions

Clean your Parrot's droppings away quickly and easily with Poop-Off.

Highly effective way of cleaning up your Parrots mess. Use on their cage, play stand, in fact anywhere your bird goes! It is equally as good at tackling mess left over from soft foods, fruits and vegetables, as well as hand feeding formulas.

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The company behind Poop-Off began life in the 1980ís as a distributor of general pet products across California. With a keen interest in making sure they stocked and supplied the products the end consumer really wanted they would regularly call at pet stores and see which products sold well; with a special interest in stain and odour removing products.

Routinely many stain and odour products didnít live up to the hype, so it was decided to put these products through a real test, to really determine what works and what doesnít. Five years of double blind testing would reveal that many products just didnít combat urine stains and odours effectively.

Development and manufacturing work started on producing a real product that would actually tackle urine stains and odours and products including Poop-Off were born. This innovative product is the most effective and safest product available in its category.

Poop-Off is the first and only liquid bird poop remover that instantly dissolves bird droppings and is safe enough to use with the bird inside the cage. Used worldwide by bird keepers, breeders, veterinarians as well as the world famous San Diego Zoo.

Cleaning your bird`s mess has never been so easy.

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