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A range of popular products from the Polly’s brand

A range of fun yet purposeful products from Polly’s. You’ll find many types of edible perches (plus some treats) enriched with essential nutrients to keep your bird in good health, plus perches and toys to help your Parrot keep their feet and beak well groomed and trim. There’s even some locking feeding bowls to prevent your bird from tipping their food and water everywhere.

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Polly’s Pet Products is a family owned business situated in the USA. To ensure quality is always at its highest, every Polly's product is made in America too. A lifelong love of pet birds was the original driving factor behind the development of their first perch, designed to wear down a bird`s nails as it would occur in the wild.

With the assistance and advice of Dr. Bran Ritchie, a veterinarian and Professor of Psittacine Research at the University of Georgia, the Polly’s Pastel Perch was created, a nail trimming perch that did not harm the birds feet.

Since its introduction, Polly’s have gone onto create a range of perching solutions for your pet bird. Many are much lighter in weight than the original concrete perches, meaning they put much less stress on your bird`s cage bars whilst still keeping their nails and beaks trim.

In more recent times Polly’s have introduced edible fruit flavoured perches to help with calcium intake and mineral perches containing all the natural minerals found at the cliffs of the Manu River. There are also perches made using Bee Pollen, which is considered one of nature's most completely nourishing foods.

Polly's toys and perches give your Parrot something to amuse themselves and somewhere to play with them, so look around for the one your Parrot will enjoy the most.

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