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Parrot Toys

Quality Parrot toys, chosen with your bird's safety in mind

The UK's biggest range of Parrot toys for all sizes of pet birds. Whether your feathered friend enjoys picking, preening, chewing, shredding, swinging or foraging the ideal toy is right here.

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Parrot toys help to keep your Parrot entertained and free from birdie boredom. Pet birds and Parrots are intelligent creatures and require lots of mental stimulation to prevent them from getting bored, which could lead to unwanted behaviours, including feather plucking.

Many species of Parrots have a natural desire to chew; wood is one of the most popular safe materials used in creating bird toys. However, providing a variety of different materials such as rope, leather, plastic, metal, acrylic, paper and cardboard for your bird to explore and play with enhances their environment.

Parrot toys come in a wide range of styles and designs and are great for keeping your bird as active as possible. Foraging based toys are increasing in popularity as they add an extra dimension to the kind of mental stimulation you can offer. Making your bird work for the rewards inside is much more like nature intended!

For well exercised feet take a look at our popular range of foot toys. They are just the right size for your bird to hold and move around with their feet. Wonderful as instant attention grabbers, especially if you have an important phone call to make!

As mentioned pet bird and Parrots can get bored easily, and it is a good idea to build up a toy chest, allowing you to rotate toys every few weeks. This keeps your bird`s cage or playstand looking fresh and interesting.

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