Parrot Tower Accessories | Spare Parts For Parrot Towers
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Parrot Tower Accessories

Attach more perches, parts and space to your Parrot's Tower in an instant.

Build or add to your Parrot Tower with our excellent choice of fixtures and fittings. Buy spare perches, holders, bolts and caps for the different Parrot Tower models including Table Top, Junior, Low Tray and Elevated.

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Parrots love climbing, chewing and foraging in Parrot Towers, but we all know how lively birds can be, and parts could easily get lost or fall into places you can’t access. If that’s happened to your Parrot Tower, then we’ve got all the parts and Parrot Tower Accessories you need to build it back up again.

Perches can be placed anywhere in a Parrot Tower, but usually at the top to create additional layers for your bird to play. Add as many perches as you like to different sections so your Parrot can perch and see a different view. Each acrylic perch has been designed for individual Parrot species but still fit any style of Parrot Tower.

The sandy perches in particular help keep your Parrot’s beak and nails healthy and trim, whilst Manzanita perches are strong and are difficult for your Parrot to chew. The hardwood perches, as their name suggests, are durable, but of course, nothing is ever totally safe from a Parrot’s beak! The perches made from acrylic are incredibly tough too.

Perches are fitted using only two screws, bolts and caps (all sold separately)

For double the fun there are double perches for your Parrot to tread across. Every perch varies slightly in length and diameter. Leave space in between perches to construct different layers and keep your Parrot guessing about what’s to come. Add a new Tower column to increase the height of it.

The fittings, holders and spacers are sold separately too. Place the spacer in between the perches and build a variety of layers and layouts for your inquisitive Parrot to explore.

Use the wheels at the bottom of the Parrot Tower to push it to a new location so your Parrot can explore a new area. You can also move the Parrot Tower during cleaning or to add new sections to the Tower without your Parrot interfering.

If your Parrot's misplaced their Parrot Tower Accessories, buy replacements right here.

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