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Parrot DVDs & CDs

Learn something new about your feathered friends with a Parrot DVD or CD.

We have a huge selection of DVDís each covering different topics related to Parrots and their behaviour. Buy a whole series of DVDís for a comprehensive guide or just the one episode if youíre interested in a specific aspect of Parrot training and behaviour.

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Sit back and watch or listen to one of our DVDís about Parrots. Although the Parrots are the stars of the show, leading experts and professionals in the field of Parrots present the programmes.

The Expert Parrot Care Series is a succession of programmes detailing everything there is to know about owning a Parrot. The top Avian specialists in the world explain a multitude of Parrot related topics, such as housing your Parrot, grooming pet birds, sexing birds, the history of Parrot keeping and a lot more. Itís a sequence of DVDís you could watch again and again and learn something new every time. Buy these as a box set or individual episodes.

Taking a few hours out of your day to watch a DVD on bird first aid could prove invaluable in the future. Experienced vets discuss potential emergencies you and your Parrot may be faced with, and most importantly of all, how to deal with them safely and effectively before a vet gets there.

Barbara Heidenreich isn't a vet, but is well respected as a bird and Parrot trainer. She has produced lots of DVDís covering every aspect of Parrot training and behaviour. She has advice on how to get a bird back if it goes missing, understanding your Parrotís body language, taking your Parrot to the vet, using positive reinforcement with Parrots and teaching your Parrot to talk.

We have CDís devoted solely to teaching your Parrot to speak one of 8 different languages. With your support and by listening to nearly 100 different tracks, your Parrot may start speaking basic English, Chinese, Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Russian or Italian.

Michael Simmons is another award-winning Parrot trainer. He also explains everything you need to know about training Parrots, eliminating unwanted behaviour, teaching your Parrot to fly, and a lot more.

Browse our amazing range of Parrot DVDís and CDís and add to your Parrot CD and DVD collection today.

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