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Parrot Books

Books and magazines detailing every aspect of Parrot care, training and behaviour.

We’ve got a wonderful selection of Parrot books and magazines written by leading experts, vets and other professionals in the Parrot and pet bird industry. What isn’t written in these books about Parrots isn’t worth knowing.

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Curl up on the sofa with a fantastic book about Parrots and learn more about our feathered friends.

Good Bird Inc published Good Bird Magazine for many years. Every issue featured informative articles on Parrot behaviour and tips to train your Parrot at home, using their positive reinforcement techniques. Collect back issues of the magazine from us and build a vast portfolio on birdie behaviour and wellbeing.

Sally Blanchard is a well regarded expert of all things Parrot and has written several books about caring for companion birds. She has published advice on solving aggressive behaviour in Parrots and building trust between you and your bird. She is also the co-author of a magazine dedicated to providing information for companion Parrot owners, so again has a big portal of knowledge you can read about.

Another renowned Parrot expert, Rosemary Low, has published many highly regarded Parrot Books. She has studied birds extensively over a long and varied career, and in her books she explains problems your Parrot may experience, discusses her time studying Parrots in the wild and a lot more.

There are a collection of articles that Liz Wilson published in magazines and online. The fascinating articles talk about housing and feeding your Parrot, accompanied by beautiful full colour photographs.

There are books on specific species of Parrots, using the author’s individual experiences. They tackle important issues in the Parrot world, like nutrition, genetics and speech that all Parrot owners should know.

Fill your bookcase and your mind with the knowledge you need to enjoy life together with your feathered friend.

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