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Miscellaneous Accessories

A selection of accessories including baths and misters, clickers, nets, weighing scales and air purification.

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Bathing for most pet birds and Parrots is a daily event, providing a specially designed bird or Parrot bath or using misters / spraying devices make this fun for all involved.

Training your pet bird / Parrot using clickers is a fairly simply process and can help to quickly reinforce those behaviours you want your bird to display.

Bird nets are a useful tool, especially if you look after smaller pet birds in a large cage or aviary.

The importance of owning reliable and accurate weighing scales cannot be emphasized enough. Taking regular weight measurements of your bird can quickly identify any possible health problems.

Certain species of Parrots can produce a lot of feather dander (a fine powder); it is usually this dander that causes allergies in people. Having an air purifier can (amongst many other things) drastically reduce the amount of dander in the air and help to reduce the effects it can have on your non feathered family.

Woodchips, sand and sand sheets are all suitable for the floor of your bird`s cage and we’ve got a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

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