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Lucky Bird Toys

Highly stimulating, durable activity Parrot toys from Lucky Bird

These tough, original "bullet proof" Lucky Bird Toys, providing stimulating activities for your Parrot, to help alleviate birdie boredom. Lots of the toys in this range have moving parts inside which rattle, roll, click or start music playing, plus there are toys for Parrots who love to chew and preen.

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Every toy from Lucky Bird has a puzzle your bird needs to solve. Lucky Bird toys have been built with Parrots in mind; to keep them physically and mentally active and stop birds from becoming bored, which can lead to destructive behaviour if they aren't given anything to occupy their minds and time.

With the quick links provided as part of many of the toys, it is quick and easy to thread the Lucky Bird toys to the inside or outside of your Parrot's cage. A large selection of Lucky Bird toys include handles too, making it easy for your Parrot to grip and for you to attach more materials to it for even more fun.

Parrots of all sizes like to destroy their toys, whether they're made for shredding and chewing or not. No toy is completely safe from a Parrot's beak and claws, but as a selection of the Lucky Bird toys are made from Lexun, the same material used in the manufacture of bullet proof glass, these tough and durable toys withstand even the roughest of play times.

There are Lucky Bird products designed especially for shredding, as well as exciting interactive toys to further test your Parrot’s brain power, preening products for Parrots to groom themselves and finally musical toys.

Parrots enjoy making lots of noise, and with Lucky Bird products, they can create plenty of fascinating noises. There are musical pinball toys that play a tune once your Parrot has solved the puzzle.

Your Parrot certainly will be a lucky bird with the brilliant choice of Parrot toys available here.

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