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How To Get Pet Insurance For Your Parrot

Published on Wednesday, 27th July 2016
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Do you have pet insurance for your Parrot?

Perhaps one of the reasons you haven’t taken out Parrot insurance is because you think it’s too expensive. However now you can receive a 10% discount on a policy with ExoticDirect.

It’s important that you do have pet insurance for your Parrot. Although none of us like to think about a Parrot becoming unwell, if your bird does become ill and you have to visit the vets, you could face a hefty bill if you don’t have insurance to cover the cost of any treatment.

Having pet insurance gives you the reassurance that any treatments your Parrot has at the vets will be paid for. Vet bills could cost thousands of pounds that most of us can’t afford to pay.

The exact cost you pay for a Parrot insurance policy each month depends on your Parrot’s age, species and how many birds are in your flock.

We have partnered with ExoticDirect to offer you a 10% discount. They have been established 20 years and we have worked with them in the past, because we know they provide an excellent service to bird and Parrot owners. Click on this link to receive a 10% discount on your policy. You can also receive a free no obligation quote on
ExoticDirect’s website.

ExoticDirect provide two types of insurance, Parrot insurance and small bird insurance.

The Parrot insurance policy covers:
·         Death from accident, illness or injury
·         Theft, fire and weather perils
·      Veterinary fee cover for accidental injury or illness up to £2,500 or £5,000 per policy period.
The small bird policy covers:
·         Veterinary fee cover for accident, sickness or disease, up to £1.500 per policy period.

Once you have made the claim, it is usually processed within 5 working days.

As well as this, ExoticDirect have a national lost and found database / notification service. This means they hold details of all birds that have been lost or stolen and ExoticDirect will add your Parrot to this list if they go missing. This is really helpful when reuniting lost birds with owners.

There are of course other insurance companies available. Shop around for the best
deal for your feathered friend.

Remember though, this link gives you a 10% discount with ExoticDirect. 

Leave your thoughts on insurance below. 

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