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Good Bird Inc

Parrot training DVDís plus informative magazines.

A series of useful training DVD's and magazines with lots of information on using positive reinforcement training. Barbara Heidenreich has successfully used this training method to shape the good behaviour owners want from their Parrots. Now you can benefit from using the same training methods to curb and stop unwanted behaviours and enjoy happy and fulfilling life with your feathered companion.

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Good Bird Inc. was started by Barbara Heidenreich to address the growing interest in positive reinforcement training with Parrots. Fostering the human-animal bond with positive reinforcement is the companyís tag line and it really expresses their goal.

Their mission is to give you the tools and information to enable you to; be kinder and gentler with your Parrot; build a relationship based on trust; solve behaviour problems using the least intrusive methods; and experience the amazing relationship you can have with a Parrot when you train with positive reinforcement.

In 1982 Barbara Heidenreich secured her first job working with animals in a veterinary hospital. In 1990 after exploring various animal related professions, she entered the world of animal training and has been a professional trainer ever since.

To enable Barbara to share her knowledge and help other Parrot keepers enjoy their lives with their birds, she has written countless articles for many publications, she publishes Good Bird Magazine and has created a series of DVDís on Parrot Behaviour and Training.

Find lots of Barbara Heidenreich's training material right here.

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