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Fun Foraging Basket Toy for Parrots

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Foraging is a fun and exciting activity birds simply thrive on!

Last updated on 30th April 2017
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Foraging Basket (346288) - 15.99
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And the rewards don`t always have to be edible. Your bird will be equally satisfied at pulling out one of the many chewable rewards in this basket.

They might find it even more fun emptying all these pieces out than the ones in their food bowl!

There`s always room in a good picnic basket to sneak a treat, why not hide some of your bird's favourite tit bits? They`ll simply love finding it!

Top Rated Foraging Toys for Parrots - Chewable

Product Reviews
 3.8 / 5

6 out of 6 (100%) reviewers recommend this product

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5 / 5
First Rate Idea!
27th February 2017
My Parrots: Ringneck
My IRN loved this basket! She totally destroyed it in a few days and really enjoyed making a mess with it. I highly recommend it but don expect it to last for long!
I recommend this product
Verified Review
Northern Parrots: Thanks for your review, we're so pleased your Ringneck enjoyed this toy.
3 / 5
Great For Some Birds
16th November 2016
Rank : Top 5 Reviewer
My Parrots: Lovebird
Location: 2400 COPENHAGEN NV, Denmark
I bought this a long time ago and I loved it when I saw it. It had all these nice chewable things inside that in my fantasy I saw my Love Bird Denger having great fun chewing up. BUT 5 minutes after I had put it in the cage my Love Bird had chewed away the handle that it needed to be attached to the cage and I had not seen that coming. So I had no way to hang it up. I did however find some way to use it anyway but my Love Bird would only use it if I put goodies inside and when that was gone so was she. But now I have another Love Bird that is very different from Denger and she loves all the things I know are inside this basket. The only thing is that I know that if I buy it for her she is a big chewer like Denger and I know her well enough to know she will chew off the handle just as Denger did. So that prevents me from getting another one for her. I think this would have been a really wonderful 5 star toy if it didnt need to hang this way but was attached from the back to the cage.
I recommend this product
Verified Review
Northern Parrots: Thanks for your feedback, it's useful for other Parrot owners.
4 / 5
Fun Pulling Apart Foraging
8th February 2016
Rank : Top 100 Reviewer
Owner type: Pet Parrot Owner
My Parrots: Conure - Small
Location: Witney, United Kingdom
My GCC loves pulling something out, chewig on it until he drops it, and pulls something else out until its all empty! The variety of materials is also a good mix. I always find adding colourful shredded paper makes for great foraging, and when the pieces start getting chewed up, different things can be put in to keepit interesting! Maybe the occasional Nutriberry!!
I recommend this product
Verified Review
Northern Parrots: Thanks for your comments, we love reading them.
4 / 5
Very Pretty Toy With Lots Of Chewable Goodies. My Parrot Loves It!!
15th July 2015
Rank : Top 250 Reviewer
My Parrots: Amazon
Location: United Kingdom
Prompt delivery and was a really pretty looking toy until Queenie got her beak into it. She loved going through all the bits and pieces but it ended up on her cage floor within ten minutes. So as long as you do not mind having to full it back up then its a great toy for your parrot. I full her basket now everyday with different treats and goodies and Queenie looks forward to seeing what goodies are in her basket. I had to buy more goodies to refill it with and treats but still think its a great toy as Queenie loves it!!
I recommend this product
Verified Review
3 / 5
Fun for half hour at a time
23rd March 2012
Rank : Top 20 Reviewer
Location: Norfolk, UK
I love the idea of this and Hollie my Meyer's loves pulling it apart, she thinks it is great fun and there is a good variety of bits and pieces. The only problem is half hour after I've put it back in her cage she's emptied it, then it's just a basket until I am able to remake it again. I buy toys to keep her busy when I have to go to work and this one usually doesn't last until I get out the door! I've also had to buy extra fillings for the basket, and as pretty as this toy is I can't help wondering if i could have made something similiar myself from household items.
I recommend this product
Verified Review
4 / 5
Fun and refillable toy
17th August 2011
Rank : Top 10 Reviewer
Location: UK
My cag loves this toy. At first I thought the toy may be a bit too small for him, but it is the right size. I do not recommend this toy to parrots bigger than a cag. After your parrot has chewed all the pieces that could be taken out you can refill the baskets with other toys/treats. It is a pretty toy and I couldn't resist admiring it myself! I do think that it is a bit too pricey for materials that could easily be destroyed.
I recommend this product
Verified Review
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