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Cozzzybird Cage Covers

Well designed cage covers to provide warmth and darkness.

Here is a range of Cozzzybird cage covers, made using high quality material. Available in a range of sizes to fit a variety of cage models and styles. Use a Cozzzybird cage cover on your Parrots cage for a restful night's sleep.

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Cozzzybird cage covers provide a darkened and secure environment for promoting good sleep patterns for your pet bird or Parrot. Most Parrots and tropical birds kept as pets originate from the equatorial regions. Here night time darkness averages 10 to 12 hours per night all year round.

Covering your bird`s cage with a Cozzzybird cage cover replicates the natural environment needed to allow your bird a restful sleep, which it needs to stay physically and mentally healthy.

Made from a durable, light weight, non-toxic poly-cotton material, Cozzzybird cage covers are machine washable. The patented design features a flap over the front door which secures with Velcro. It can easily be lifted to allow access to the cage without removing the whole cover. Each cover fits comfortably around the cage and leaves room for you to add external feeders and other fittings.

Easy to fit and remove, Cozzzybird cage covers are designed to benefit your birds and ultimately you, as a pet bird or Parrot who sleeps well can make a much better companion.

Give your Parrot the good night’s sleep they deserve with Cozzzybird.

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