Companion Parrot |Books written by Sally Blanchard
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Companion Parrot

Comprehensive books covering many aspects of Parrot care and training.

These books, written by Sally Blanchard, a well respected and highly experienced Parrot behaviourist, contain practical information for pet bird and Parrot owners old and new.

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Here you’ll find a wealth of information from Sally Blanchard. A pioneer in companion Parrot behaviour, Sally has worked with birds for over 45 years. Her fascination with birds moved beyond just watching them and checking them off her `seen` list, she wanted to learn what they did and why?

Her knowledge and passionate interest in ornithology gave her a unique perspective in regards to the understanding of Parrots and avicultural theory. In 1988 Sally started to write articles for a number of pet birds and Parrot related magazines. Many of her ground breaking ideas have helped mould the way many of us think about how we care and cater for our Parrots.

In 1991 she started her own publication producing the Pet Bird Report, the Companion Parrot Quarterly and The Companion Parrot Handbook, all full of practical and useful information to make your life with your companion Parrot much more enjoyable.

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