Coconut and cactus Parrot toys, foraging and chewing toys
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Coconut & Cactus Parrot Toys

Keep your Parrot busy foraging and chewing on these natural Parrot toys.

Here are environmentally friendly Parrot toys made from renewable materials such as coconuts and cactus wood. Great for the environment and for keeping beaks busy.

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Made from a variety of natural materials such as coconut and dried cactus wood, these Parrot toys are better for birds and the planet. Many are made from renewable and sustainable sources, plus they are earth friendly meaning the parts you’re left with after your Parrot has enjoyed every last strand can be recycled with the garden waste!

A mix of tough outer shells and bark with softer inner cores and fibres provide your pet bird or Parrot with varying textures to play with, some for chewing and stripping, others for preening and picking with more for good old chewing up!

Parrot toys made using coconuts come in a variety of styles and are often used to offer foraging opportunities, by having wood blocks, crinkled paper, rope and other materials or foods like nuts inside.

Their durable shells tend to withstand most Parrots beaks, allowing you to refill it with more exciting goodies for your bird to play with. They also make great and safe hideaways for smaller pet birds.

Parrots relish the opportunity of exploring coconut and cactus toys, because they can do so much with them. There’s potential for foraging, chewing and shredding adventures in just the one coconut or cactus toy.

Browse our impressive selection of coconut and cactus Parrot toys here.

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