Breeding Equipment | everything your Parrot needs to breed
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Breeding Equipment

Be prepared for the Parrot breeding season.

Here are scales and nest boxes so Parrots will be happy before, during and after the incubation period. Use these together with our breeding and hand-feeding food so Parrot parents stay in top condition and their youngsters have the best start in life.

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In the wild Parrots make nests in trees and any nesting boxes you have at home need to replicate this environment as much as possible.

Before considering breeding Parrots, you need to make sure the prospective mum and dad are healthy enough to care for little ones. Checking your bird’s weight is one of the best ways of discovering if your bird is unwell, as increases or decreases in your Parrot’s weight may be a sign something is wrong.

We have scales accurate to one gram, which also come with a bowl for weighing baby birds.

For fully grown Parrots who may not fit in the weighing bowl, a T Perch is also available. Train your Parrot to stand or step on the perch for a fast health check.

Smaller birds, like Canaries, Cockatiels and Finches, nest in small hollows in the wild. Nesting boxes are a good way of replicating this behaviour and give Parrots a safe place to lay and rear their eggs. They’re made from strong plywood and most Canaries, Finches and Cockatiels find them to be an appropriate nesting site.

The roof of the nesting boxes comes off so you can easily check on mum, their babies or eggs. Once the nesting box is vacated, the inside of the box can be easily cleaned. To make it easier for Parrots to enter and leave the nest box attach a perch to the smaller hole for them.

An alternative to nesting boxes is the nesting pan, which is simple to clean and install. The circular, plastic bowl has high walls to prevent chicks escaping and the rim feels rough to the touch so your bird can grip properly when feeding their babies. In the middle of the pan are holes for ventilation.

Find all the breeding equipment your parent-to-be needs here.

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