Bird Haven | Parrot Hideaways For Warmth And Security
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Bird Haven

Offer your bird a place to retreat to should they feel insecure.

Here you’ll find tent and tunnel shaped hideaways from Bird Haven for your Parrot. Each style offers a secure place for your Parrot to hide from the world for a little while.

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Bird Havens are colourful, practical products providing a comfortable and safe place for your bird to hideaway. Parrots are prey animals and they naturally need somewhere to run (fly) to when they feed threatened or scared or just when they want some privacy.

Tents are great for providing your bird a place to retreat, either to rest or feel more secure. Birds and Parrots would naturally be able to retreat to the cover of foliage when needed in the wild and these hideaways replicate that as much as possible. Bird Haven's products provide your bird with somewhere to go when they feel they need to get out of view.

Tents come with loops so you can attach them to your bird’s cage and a removable floor, so you can easily clean your bird tent or fold it away for storage.

Find an impressive selection of Bird Haven products right here.

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