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Of Parrots and People

Award-winning journalist and Parrot expert Mira Tweti reveals the world of a family of birds.

Last updated on 20th February 2017
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There are an estimated 50 million Parrots kept as pets in the United States alone, their numbers surpassed only by dogs and cats. Yet these complex creatures are not your typical domestic animal, and they remain a mystery to many.

Most people don`t know that Parrots score at the level of three to five year olds on human intelligence tests, that they can live to one hundred years or more, or that pound for pound Parrots are worth more on the black market than cocaine.

Their startling beauty, social sophistication, and uncanny ability to bond with humans have made Parrots sought-after pets, but few people realize how fragile and endangered many Parrot species have become.

In Of Parrots and People, award-winning journalist and Parrot expert Mira Tweti reveals the world of a family of birds that is far more complex and advanced than we`ve acknowledged.

Tweti relates stunning scientific findings on the intelligence, personality, and rich lives of Parrots that challenge our most widespread and flawed assumptions about non-primates. And she explores the intense and often humorous emotional connections these birds form not just with their flock mates but with the ``Parronts`` (as some ``Parrot Parents`` call themselves) who keep them as pets, often pampering them as they do children.
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5 / 5
A real eye-opener - a must for all parrot people!
8th December 2013
Rank : Top 100 Reviewer
Owner type: Pet Parrot Owner
A seamlessly beautiful yet deeply disturbing book.It looks at the plight of the parrots in our homes and all over the world . Diving deep into the illegal (and shockingly common) trafficking of these amazing animals, giving real insight to the horrors of their trade. It lifts the curtain on the horrific breeding conditions of mass produced birds in the US, the complete explosion of unwanted pets, and the rescue centres picking up the pieces. It looks at our fascination with these birds and their complex characteristics. More than this it looks at the precarious position of wild parrots, some of the most endangered creatures on the planet, and connects them to the bigger picture of their environment and the choices we need to make for their future.
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