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About Polly's

Published on Monday, 8th May 2017
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Polly’s are an American, family owned company that create all their innovative products in the USA too.

The business began thanks to the director’s lifelong love of Parrots. They began collaborating with avian vets to create a perch that would be of great benefit to Parrots everywhere and would naturally trim down your bird’s feet, similar to what tree bark would do in the wild.

Their very first product was a pastel perch and since that point many more practical perches, toys and accessories have been manufactured. Polly’s perches are lightweight, so put less pressure on your Parrot’s cage and feet than concrete perches might.

Polly’s Perches

Polly’s have developed a range of edible perches, so your Parrot can chew on the perch as they are resting.

Fruit flavoured perches contain minerals such as calcium, which keeps your Parrot’s beak and nails trim. The tantalising flavours keep your bird’s feet and beak busy and they won’t be able to resist chewing and licking on it. Ready to buy in a small size. 

Cactus wood perches have been coated in either desert sands or beach sands. 

The Ortho Sand Perch helps to exercise your bird's feet and trims their nails as they walk. 
Polly’s Toys

Your Parrot can use the Polly’s Cactus Beaks to digest a source of minerals. There are two sizes available, small and large. They are infused with real fruit flavours. Your Parrot can chew on either the mineral blocks in the centre of the toy. The plastic chain allows the toy to be hung up in Parrot cages. 

Polly's:  Food, toys and accessories to enrich your Parrot's life. 

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